Waterproof, Dirt Resistant Shower Curtain, Magical Mermaids theme

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  • Enchanting Oceanic Theme - Transform your bathroom into an underwater wonderland with our whimsical shower curtain, featuring adorable mermaids and vibrant sea motifs that spark your child's imagination.
  • Premium Fabric Durability - Crafted from thick, non-transparent polyester fabric, our mermaid-themed shower curtain is water and stain resistant, wrinkle-free, and quick-drying, ensuring both functionality and longevity.
  • Ultra HD Printing - Immerse yourself in a world of vivid colors with our cutting-edge UHD design print. The lively hues of shower curtain for kids remain vibrant over time, delivering a lasting sense of delight.
  • Complete Set with Durable Hooks - Our mermaid shower curtain set includes 12 top-notch plastic hooks that effortlessly attach to rustproof steel grommets, fitting most shower settings perfectly.
  • Machine Washable – Keep your bathroom pristine with minimal effort, as our mermaid-themed curtain is machine washable. Its premium quality guarantees a long-lasting addition to your bathroom decor.

Burst of Color and Imagination

Water Proof

Water Proof

Superior Quality Fabric protects from water and stain resistant.

Easy Washable

Easy Washable

Easily wash with machine. Our products are designed & proven to be highly resistant to fading.

Ultra HD Print

Ultra HD Print

Experience a burst of colors that come to life with our state-of-the-art UHD design print.

Never Fade Guarantee

Never Fade Guarantee

Stay in love with your purchase with our 5 Year No Fade Guarantee. It's a 100% hassle free customer success policy.

Customer Reviews

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Amazon Customer
Very pretty and playful shower curtain

I was pleasantly surprised, both with the graphic quality and with the material of this shower curtain. It is more thick, and feels better to the touch than I expected. Graphic quality is also nice. It should be noted that this is an outside the tub curtain and you will need an inside the tub curtain as well. We used one of the clear plastic curtains so the girls can see it from inside too, and it lets in more light. The girls love it!

Melanie Cain
My daughter loves it.

It's nice, thin, water proof. Just like every other shower curtain. Washes, dries and hangs back up nicely. Inexpensive way to make your girls happy. Or boys if they're into mermaids, whichever. But we're happy with ours.

Matches my rugs

I love this as it is exactly what I expect. Matches the rugs I got to. I am very impressed with this one.. Fit my shower and all. I so would buy again if had to.

Tina Lee Johnson
Very Whimsical & Colorful

I ordered this Waterproof Mermaid Shower Curtain for myself actually! I am 64. I also am a water sign(Pisces) so I love anything to do with the ocean, water, mermaids, etc. I DO have a granddaughter but she is a teenager now(she doesn't live with me) and this wouldn't be her style. I put this over a turquoise shower curtain liner I had already, so they go together beautifully. That way I can have the liner be on the inside of the tub/shower, and this mermaid shower curtain be on the outside of the tub/shower. To me, this is more decorative than practical. Although, they do say it is water-proof polyester and quick drying. I love that the mermaids on this are not too "cartoon-ish" so it could appeal to "tweens" too. The colors are bright and I also love that there are other matching bathroom items you can get to go with this. If the need arises, they do say it is machine washable. It measures the standard 72"L x 72"W dimensions and comes with 12 white plastic hooks/rings. The material/fabric is thick enough and not transparent. It is well-made and the price is reasonable.

Cute Shower Curtain

This shower curtain is cute and colorful. It is the perfect design for our mermaid lover! We actually used this as a backdrop for our daughter's 5th mermaid party. It worked perfect! It is a nice quality shower curtain that we will probably keep to use in the bathroom once we put our holiday shower curtains away!