Dirt & Stain Resistant Waterproof Laundry Hamper, Floral Unicorns theme

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  • Kids Laundry Hamper: Khelo presents a sturdy and waterproof polyester canvas laundry basket, perfect for kids. With a 45L capacity, it accommodates all your laundry needs, and the faux leather handles ensure effortless transportation.
  • Enchanting Unicorn Fantasy: Embark on a journey of whimsy with our magical unicorn-themed laundry hamper. It turns routine chores into enchanting adventures, sprinkling a dash of wonder throughout your child's space.
  • Versatile Clutter Buster: This nursery laundry basket isn't just for laundry – it's a clutter-busting hero. From laundry to toys, books, and blankets, it handles it all, making your living space neater and tidier.
  • Space-Saving Convenience: Our collapsible laundry hamper is a space-saving marvel. When not in use, it folds easily for storage. Use it in your child's bedroom, laundry room, playroom, or anywhere you need organized storage.
  • Multifunctional Organization: This laundry bin is more than just a hamper; it's a multifunctional storage solution. Create clutter-free zones in any part of your home, fostering your child's growth and creativity along the way.

Creative, Inspiring & Fun!

Muti Purpose Bag

Muti Purpose Bag

Create clutter-free zones in any part of your home, fostering your child's growth and creativity along the way.

Designed For Kids

Designed For Kids

The bag is made with dirt resistant, water proof material, a rigid wire-frame for better shape, and reinforced handles of faux leather that's perfect for handling it all.

Ultra HD Print

Ultra HD Print

Experience a burst of colors that come to life with our state-of-the-art UHD design print.

Never Fade Guarantee

Never Fade Guarantee

Stay in love with your purchase with our 5 Year No Fade Guarantee. It's a 100% hassle free customer success policy.

Customer Reviews

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Really fresh
Bright and perfect size

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Dinosaurs and Mermaids, mom of both

This works fine for a little kids room. You can also collapse it down when it's not needed. Great for laundry, blanket storage or stuff Animal storage. The Unicorn print is cute plus there are other pieces from the same company to go along with it.

Cassandra Christian
Cute and sturdy

I wanted to get my daughter a new laundry hamper, and even though I wish she used it for laundry (she uses it for toys 🤦‍♀️) I really liked this hamper. The pattern is cute enough that my daughter keeps a lot of her favorite toys in it and it is thick and sturdy. It holds quite a bit and the handles are strong. A great option for a cute laundry hamper for your kids.

stands up on its own

This hamper is super lightweight but still is sturdy enough to stand up on its own. The print is so cute! It is like adult colors, but a fun unicorn design! I got the matching towel and the set looks so cute in my bathroom!

Great for a kids room

My 5 yo loves this hamper. It is small enough she can move it herself when fully loaded with stuffies, and very durable for the many times she has pushed it across the floor. The basket can stay standing when loaded, but seems to flop a bit when empty. I like that is collapsible when not in use, and the handles are sturdy as well.