Jurassic Dinosaurs Anti-Slip Velvet Soft Kids Bathroom Mats

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Dive into a world of underwater magic with the Khelo Kids Magical Mermaid Bath Mat. This enchanting bath mat features a delightful mermaid design, bringing a splash of color and fun to your child's bathroom. Crafted from high-quality, non-slip materials, this bath mat ensures safety and comfort, preventing slips and providing a soft, cushioned surface for little feet. The durable construction and easy-to-clean design make it a practical addition to any bathroom. Choose Khelo for a bathmat that combines quality, charm, and functionality, making every bath time a magical experience.

  • 3 PIECE DINOSAUR BATHMAT SET: Take your child on a prehistoric journey with our Khelo 3 Piece Dinosaur Mat Set. These dynamic and captivating designs are guaranteed to ignite your child's imagination, transporting them back in time to the age of the dinosaurs, right in their own bathroom.
  • RAPID DRYING TECHNOLOGY: Our charming bathmats are thoughtfully crafted for quick drying, ensuring a clean and hygienic bathroom environment for your little explorer. Bid farewell to wet floors as our mats swiftly restore your bathroom to a dry and safe space.
  • ENHANCHED ANTI-SLIP DESIGN: Khelo's kids bathmats feature a reinforced, thicker anti-slip backing, providing a secure and stable surface for your child to step on. Enjoy peace of mind, knowing your child is safe during their bath time adventures.
  • LUXURIOUS ABSORBENCY & VELVET COMFORT: Crafted with high-quality velvet fabric, these kids bath rugs offer a plush and comfortable experience. They efficiently absorb water spills or splashes while remaining resistant to oil and stains.
  • EASY MAINTENANCE WITH MACHINE WASHABILITY: Our dinosaur rugs offer the perfect blend of fun, safety, comfort, and convenience for your child's bathroom. Cleaning them is a breeze – simply toss them into the washing machine, and they'll emerge looking as good as new. Elevate your child's bath time with Khelo!

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Customer Reviews

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Mary E.
super soft and cushy

These mats are very soft and cushiony. They absorb water well and dry quickly. They don't slide around a lot. I only washed them once so far and I hung them dry near a dehumidifier. They dried very quickly and did not shed or bleed color in the wash. I got the dinosaur print. The art was a little goofy, but fun. The colors are bright and they have not become stained. Unfortunately, there is a large, very visible logo on each mat that is not shown in the pictures. I loved how padded they are, however the drawback to this is the edges of the mats do not sit flush on the floor. I have caught my feet on them many times and they could be a tripping hazard.

David Allen
Function Over Form

This clashes with the styling of my bathroom, but they work great, and don't mind having them in there breaking up the uniformity. My family tends to rotate out bath mats, so we can keep 2-3 in rotation, instead of having to immediate clean soiled mats to put them back in the bathroom. Also, I think it cuts down one needing to replace them. So we had a set wear out on us and needed something new, and these happened to be available to me. I like the dinosaurs, but again, nothing is dinosaur themed in the bathroom, let alone the house. They earned their place, though. They are super soft, and stay supple. Even when wet they retain their firmness. The absorb water so fast, that even a few minutes after getting out the shower they feel almost dry. After a good 15-30 I think they actually are. The only bad thing about these is the print is very superficial and you can see undyed fabric fairly easy behind it, just by swiping across it. I guess that only matters if you want to really be stickler. I like them, regardless, for what they are and am happy to own them.

Does it's job

Does it's job but I don't love the way it looks in real life. Seems blurry and the clearest thing is the logo on the bottom so it immediately draws the eye.

Joel Perry
super soft and ROARRIFIC!

My nephew sleeps over at my place pretty often these days and he recently has started going super dino-crazy. These mats are super easy to stash under the sink and swap out when he is coming over and have really helped get him excited about getting out of the bath tub! now I just need something that makes him get in first... They are very soft, machine washable, quite absorbent and do not move around easy when stood on. These are pretty great as they are and are everything you want for a kid in the bathroom, the only thing they could have done better was to make them larger with more dino's on them! Big recommendation on these mats!

My kids love these. Cute buy for kids and dinosaur lovers alike.

These are a good size and work well for absorbency. The colors are nice and vibrant as well. My kids love looking at the dinosaurs at bathtime.