Waterproof, Dirt Resistant Shower Curtain, Floral Unicorns theme

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Burst of Color and Imagination

Water Proof

Water Proof

Superior Quality Fabric protects from water and stain resistant.

Easy Washable

Easy Washable

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Ultra HD Print

Ultra HD Print

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Never Fade Guarantee

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Customer Reviews

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‍Ms. Jade Ann Byrne of Jade Ann Byrne dot COM
🌈🦄✨ Magical Backdrop for eGirl Escapades! 🌟🎥👾

Hey there, fabulous followers and fellow adventurers in the digital realm! 💖✨ Paladin Jade here, bringing you a sprinkle of magic straight from my eGirl toolkit. 🎮🧚‍♀️🌟 Today, I'm talking about something that's not just a shower curtain, but a portal to fantastical realms! 🚿✨🦄 Behold, the Khelo Unicorn Shower Curtain - a game-changer for my eGirl 1-on-1 shows! 🦄🌈🎬 As an eGirl, I live for those dynamic moments where I can whisk my viewers away from the mundane to a land of enchantment. 🌌💕🎮 This shower curtain isn't just a bathroom accessory; it's my secret weapon in creating an otherworldly backdrop. 🌟🌈🦄 It’s like having a unicorn sprinkle fairy dust over my little corner of the world, turning a small space into a vibrant stage. 🌸🌈🌠 The gorgeous design of floral unicorns is not only adorable but also sets the perfect vibe for those emotionally charged eGirl moments. 😊🦄💖 It's like a visual hug, embracing us in a world of colors and dreams. 🌈🤗🌟 I love how this curtain adds a touch of whimsy to my shows, making every moment feel like a step into a fairytale. 📖🦄✨ Whether it's gaming, chatting, or just sharing life, this backdrop elevates the experience, making it truly memorable. 🎮🗣️💫 So, lovelies, if you want to add some magic to your daily routines or need a charming backdrop for your creative escapades, check out this unicorn shower curtain! 🛒🦄🌈 And don't forget, to see it in action and for more fun ideas, explore my Amazon profile and catch me on my Twitch stream where I unbox and use the most enchanting items live! 🎁🎥🦄 Until next time, stay magical and keep shining! ✨🦄💖 🌟 Paladin Jade 🛡️🦄 #eGirlMagic #UnicornRealm #TwitchAdventures 🌈✨🎮

Attractive for unicorn deisgn

I like this shower curtain, it's more a "mature" unicorn picture that looks great in our black and white colored guest bath.

Briana Marie
Very cute Curtain, with UNICORNS!

I needed some variety in my bathroom life and to switch out my old curtain, I chose this magically unicornical curtain. It met and exceeded my expectations with the design and the way it fit to my tub/shower. I opted for mixing up the curtain rings with some pink ones, so it really helped with the theme of white unicorns with pink manes. I think it would be great if they included extra rings, then if there's any issues or if you want to mix it up, you can. I've had this in my bathroom for a few weeks now and it's holding up well! Looking forward to it hanging there for years to come.

The Last Marauder

This unicorn shower curtain is so beautiful. The dark background with the bright designs just looks so great. The fabric seems very nice. It's waterproof but not plasticy and heavy enough that it's not constantly billowing out while showering. However, it took nearly 2 months for this to arrive. So it's great but don't get it if you need a showering curtain quickly.

Rachel Lyons
Lightweight, fun shower curtain!

I have a few matching bathroom items, so this seemed like the perfect addition. The shower curtain is on the thin side, which I don't mind, as I have double curtain hangers, with a liner on the inside of the tub. The holes for the hangers are grommeted, so I'm not worried about them tearing (though because the curtain is so light, it's less of a concern). The curtains are not sheer and can't be seen through at all and they do block a good deal of light. The feel of the fabric matches the tag (100% polyester), but as I'm not a fan of shower curtains that have any cotton content, I don't mind at all. It hangs nicely, though the fold marks are still visible. The print is lovely and I see no issues with the edging/seams. I'm really happy with this shower curtain.